Difference between MiniDisc and CD

Several standard music delivery formats are available in the market. The MP3 and the compact disc are probably the two most popular, but cassette tapes are still around, and 33 rpm vinyl discs are still available in some shops. The MiniDisk is another format that has been popularized by Sony for many years. A MiniDisk looks much like a disc, but it is smaller. Let’s discuss about the difference between MiniDisc and CD.

CDs are almost indestructible for storing 74 minutes of music and have the benefit to be digital, but until recently you have been unable to record on a CD. The key argument of the MiniDisk is that it is recordable.

One easy way to think of a MiniDisk is like a floppy. You can just as easily record and delete the files on a MiniDisk as you can on a disc. The main difference between a MiniDisk and a disc is that a MiniDisk contains approximately 100 times more data (160 MB in audio mode, 140 MB in data mode, vs 1.44 megabytes for a disc).

A MiniDisk pre-recorded is like a CD, but a smaller one. When you read the post, it becomes obvious that a CD contains about five times more data than a MiniDisk650 megabytes in data modes and 740 megabytes in audio mode. However, the same amount of music can be contained in both CDs and MiniDisks.

These days, CDs and DVDs are everywhere. They have become the traditional medium for transmitting vast volumes of information in a secure package whether they are used to carry music, data or computer applications. Compact discs are so simple and inexpensive to manufacture that America Online sends millions per year to draw new users. And you can make your own CDs with all the details that you want if you have a computer and CD-R drive. These are the points on MiniDisc vs CD.


A MiniDisk is a magneto-optical system that can store 140 MB of data. Music can be spread around the disc and the player can correctly “bring together” while playing the disc. You can then delete and rewrite songs on a MiniDisk without thinking about how they work together.

Compared to a tape band, where you essentially have to record the whole band again, if you want to change any of the songs on it. There are also MiniDisc 4-track recorders for musicians, which are perfect for song recording and then mixing up the sounds.

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