Tips to connect a soundbar with a headphone jack to a TV

When you watch television with friends, speakers on your TV let everybody know what is happening on tv. You do not have to share the audio with anyone around you when you watch the TV on your own. Indeed, if you are just watching TV late in the night, you probably would not be bothering your significant others, roommates, children or neighbours. If you just want to be alone, you can mute speakers and trust closed captions, but we have a better solution: using headphones. Let’s see about tips to connect a soundbar with a headphone jack to a TV.

With headphones, you can listen to whatever you want without troubling anyone. You will often use them to listen to or even watch videos on your phone or computer, but they are not exclusive to mobile devices or PCs. There are many ways your headphones can be wired to your TV to enjoy the combined advantages of private audio and wide screen. Here’s what are the benefits of connecting a soundbar to TV using a headphone jack.

audio systems

If you do not support Bluetooth or audio streaming via a TV or media streamer, you need some sort of wireless transmitter. Bluetooth transmitters are cheap devices you connect in to a nearby Bluetooth audio unit on the back of your television.

There are many, many online Bluetooth transmitters, but not all are suitable for TVs. Cheaper transmitters communicate only with 3.5 mm jackets that are present on some TVs but are not the best possible link.

The Bluetooth communication is increasingly common. Bluetooth is a wireless link often associated with intelligent mobile phones that is common with audio systems but increasingly available. You can link the two without interconnecting audio leads, which can help with the installation of your TV on the wall, if you have a Bluetooth-activated TV and sound bar. The sound bar and TV need to be the same manufacturer for this form of link sometimes to function, to get sound from the TV through the sound bar.

Of course, you just do this if it is assisted by all parts of the equipment and the audio is not always as good as an optical or HDMI so that it sometimes causes you to quiet your TV speakers, which can be often uncomfortable in practice.

Finally, the Auxiliary connection and the headphone jack are available. Almost all TVs are headphone paired so in the absence of other connections such as twin phono outputs you would be compelled to do that. If you are a sound bar, just add an auxiliary connection from the sound bar to the TV.

We don’t keep our audio secrets.

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