HDMI cables

Can you use HDMI and optical audio at the same time?

The HDMI cables still took audio from the game consoles, Blu-ray players and set boxes on the TV. When attaching your new AV receiver or soundbar, two options, such as HDMI or digital optical audio, are possible.

Firstly, you should know the difference between them and then understand exactly what its advantages and drawbacks are. Both HDMI and optical digital Audio are better than analogue, which can transfer multi-channel audio from one device to another.

These two cables were pretty cheap. The easiest recommendation, however, is using HDMI and optical audio at the same time.

The main difference is that HDMI can relay higher-resolution audio like Blu-ray formats. However, these formats cannot be transmitted optically. The HDMI also transfers the video signals in terms of simplicity. If you only need one cable between a few devices, the HDMI is your right option.

If you use HDMI, cables are very appropriate and the setup is made simpler with only one wire. If you can’t, the optics are all right. The digital optical audio link, on the other hand, is the strongest and has a straight gear.

In general, there are many ways of connecting both HDMI and optical audio that provide full surround sound to your home theatre system. But now, hdmi is one of the most popular methods. In reality, it is a simple cable that contains both audio and video.

A further best-known optical connection is also known as S / PDIF and TO Slink, which carries audio data only and involves a separate connection such as composite cables or components to the film. Is optical audio better than hdmi in comparison? It is definitely moderately clear that it has a stronger relation because all is in one digital solution.

digital optical audio

The new standard HDMI version 1.4 will, on the other hand, incorporate another feature called the Audio Return Channel, through which the cable will upstream transmit a video signal and downstream receive audio. You can access online content with the rising popularity of HDTVs. This means that the identical cable that pipes the video from the recipient to HDTV will pull the audio signal from online HDTV functionality to the recipient.


If you want your HDTV sound to be connected to your speaker system, you must determine if the optical audio or hdmi is correct for you.

The HDMI can be set up very quickly, quickly and easily. At the same time, optical audio links are also a reasonable option for many modern TVs. Only attach the digital audio output to your receiver or amplifier on the front of your television to the digital input.

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